Sainte Marie du Mont

31.5. – 10.6.2014

Reconstruction of a US Military Camp, Sainte Marie du Mont, on the church’ square with dioramas and workshop. Exhibition of mechanics, first-aid post, headquarter, gendarmerie and MP, mortar and Cal. 30
Organization: Club du Souvenir Militaire - 0033 233 71 56 54 or


Omaha Beach / Vierville-sur-Mer:

Beside the Omaha D-Day Museum (direction of Omaha Beach Camping) will be the "Dog One" Camp. The Camp is organized by the Group "Duty First" from Belgium.

Please notice: the Museum was closed at D-Day 2013 because the owner died a while ago. The Future of the Museum is because of this uncertain


Sainte Mère Eglise

01.06. – 08.6.2014

Geronimo Camp, at the Airborne Museum
Re-enactment of the Airborne troops in Normandy with 150 participants and 70 vehicles.Several animations.



30.5. – 11.6.2014

US Camp at the Airship Hangar (to be confirmed)


31.5. – 15.6.2014

US Camp


31.5. – 09.6.2014

Arizona Camp, route Américaine.
Reconstruction of a US camp with animations: US mail, field hospital, etc.
Parade of 70 Harley Davidson of the 1940’s. Concert. WC 54 Gathering
Organization: CAPA association -


Saint Côme du Mont

01.06. – 08.6.2014

Reconstruction of a US Military Camp of the 82nd AB (Les Diables Rouges 508, Freedom’s Angels and an English group) around a US WACO glider scale model (at scale 1). At the Dead Man’s Corner Museum: 0033 233 42 00 42 or

Méautis / Manoir de Donville

02.06. – 10.6.2014

Bloody Gulch Camp


Batterie de Longues

Camp for vehicles and re-enactors

31.05. – 14.6.2014  


Saint Come du Mont 

02.- 09.06.2014

Recunstruction of WACO Glider and Display


Cherbourgh-Maupertus Airfield

03.- 09.06.2014

up to 20 C-47 Dakotas on airfield and in the sky for different airdrops