Here you gonna find some advises for your trip to Normandy during D-Day celebrations 2014.


- The centre of Ste Mere Eglise is closed from 5 june om 1900hr till 9 june 0800hr


- No guns/fake guns in Ste Mere Eglise!


- Vehicle drivers have to have an extra pair of glasses.


- There is no more alkohol test tube to be carried in the vehicle


- You need a safety vest (bright orange or yellow) for every person in the vehicle. Not in the trunk or back of the car or somewhere under the bags... you should grab it immediately!


- Motorcycle riders have to have a reflecting stripe on the back of their helmet


- make your arrangements for a hotel or B&B in time. Do not go there without and think, you´ll find something. You won´t...


- gas is mostly cheaper at the filling station next to a shopping center than at a regular gas station.